Takk House Wedding | May 21st 2016

If you loved Katie & Ryan’s wedding video Teaser, have a look at their Takk House Wedding trailer!

Loved this venue, loved this couple, loved this wedding!

Quick Review for anyone who missed it, Katie & Ryan have the nicest relatives ever and enjoyed a beautiful wedding at St. Paul’s, followed by a sweet Takk House Wedding reception, lit by twinkle lights and their love for each other. 🙂 All their desserts were made by friends and relatives. Both sets of parents toasted the couple as did their siblings. Katie “tossed” her bouquet to a friend and it was the friend who wanted it the most. Talented photog, Andrew Franciosa was on hand to make sure they had beautiful stills of their beautiful day. There were a lot of very special details, and even ones that honored heritage and ancestors. Katie’s vow book was super cute, and we got a kick out of the whole bustling episode. 🙂 The hilarious moment of the day occurred when the couple’s musician friend was manning my camera and I mistook him for an inebriated guest. We worked it out though. Who knows, maybe his shot will even make it into the feature! LOLOL. Pun intended. (Musician was from the awesome musical group Fort Vine.) They can sing!

Seriously though, this family knows how to dance, they know how to have a good time, and they have great taste in music!!

Katie & Ryan- I wish you a lifetime of love, health, and togetherness! Here is your wedding video trailer!