A Love Story for the Ages

The Love Story of Hattie and Howard and how we started making Wedding Films



–an enduring gift that exists between their two souls and blesses everyone around them.

Throughout their lives together, my grandparents showed everyone around them how two people can live together and truly cherish each other…

They set a high standard of kindness, respect, admiration, gentleness, reverence, and love for one another. My grandparents created and tended a love story that will be passed forward for many, many generations. In so doing, they inspired me to do the same. I tend to your love stories so that your future generations will be inspired too.


Gardenhouse Films is a tribute to all that came before me; the generations of lovers and creators that fuel my nature, my nurture, and my life's work.

This brand is my living memorial to my grandparents, Hattie and Howard.

May all the love stories that come through this place be blessed by health, happiness, and longevity.

It is an honor to be at your wedding, to get to know you, to hear your love story, and to walk across this threshold with you ensuring that you can relive this moment many times in the future.

Their Love

My grandmother created many things, she had many mediums. She was a gardener, a cake baker, a maker of elaborate themed Christmas trees, she crocheted, and arranged the beautiful flowers she cut from her garden.

She made bread roses, and little baskets woven from wallpaper. She made dolls from cornhusks, and angels from crepe paper.

Her home was brimming with creations and beauty.

She lost my grandfather when she was quite young, only in her 50s. She spent many years healing through creativity and beauty. She once told me that she buried many of her sorrows in the garden.

On our wedding day, our wedding rings were “warmed” in a piece of the parachute that saved my Grandfather's life, before my husband and I exchanged them.

We wanted to bring into our own marriage some of that sacred energy that my Grandparents had in theirs–devotion, respect, and deep love.

You can now find us chasing after children or shooting weddings together on the weekend. Being a team is one of our superpowers!

Let’s start the conversation about your Love Story! The first step is to fill out our Contact Form, look for a text message from me, schedule a call, and start getting to know each other. It is extremely important to me that you are comfortable with our team so that we are not an intrusion on your special day. Its better if we are not strangers but something approaching friends. Knowing who you are as individuals and as a couple helps me do my best work!

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