Indian Ladder Farms Engagement  | June 10, 2016 |

Indian Ladder Farms Engagement: Jessyka and Keven.

In early June GHF got the honor of joining up with photographer Nicole Nero to shoot this gorgeous Indian Ladder Farms engagement. Bride-to-be Jessyka got her beautiful dress from Rent the Runway and looked stunning and she and her fiancé Keven romped around this beautiful orchard.

It can be difficult to visualize the perfect spot for engagement portraits. Especially if you are driving around looking from your car window in the bright light of day. Before I was a videographer, I would have been intimidated to traipse all over other people’s lawns, farms, and fields as I searched for the perfect spot. Luckily I have shameless photographer friends who have no qualms about it whatsoever! So far so good (*knock wood).

When you are scouting out the perfect spot, get out of your car. Walk where you probably shouldn’t (watch out for both ticks AND poison ivy while you are doing this). And go just before sunset. Look for natural places with beautiful natural features and great light. Avoid large ugly obstructions. And walk around! You have to get out of the car (i know i know, its nice in the car).

We had so much fun with this Engagement Video! Jessyka and Keven love each other and it shows. From their walks through the orchard, to their brief tango (read: flee from) a patch of poison ivy*, they look at each other with love. It was such a delight to be a quiet observer as they did their thing at Indian Ladder Farms. Shooting and editing this engagement video felt, at times, like we were somewhere else, more exotic than Altamont, NY (!!!) like Italy or France… Watching the sun go down. Watching two people in love.

Here is a quick teaser: