Wedding Day Dreams

When I was a little girl, all I could do was imagine my wedding day to be perfect. All the people that I hoped would be there to stand beside me. As times have changed and people have passed, I could not have imagined that my wedding day would be even more perfect than I ever imagined. But it indeed was!

Bride and MOH
That’s my sister and MOH!

Planning Our Wedding

While planning our wedding day we made an effort to incorporate as many aspects of who we truly are as individuals and as a couple. We also wanted to include what helped us mold into the people we are today. The idea of blending the upbringings and personalities of us both was extremely important to include in our big day.

Personal Details

Who would have thought a wedding filled with driftwood, flower petals, branches and much more organic materials could be so beautiful? Well, that is who Sean and I are and we decided to dive in head first and incorporate this all into our wedding. It was timelessly beautiful. My father made the arbor out of driftwood that he found on adventures, which Sean and I will cherish for many years as a key piece of our big day.

Bride & MOH
Having fun with my MOH before the wedding!


As for other special pieces to our wedding, we had a few that were outrageous that speak volumes about how truly goofy we both are. For one, we thought to ourselves…. who wants to do a boring bouquet and garter toss in 2019?! NOT US, we went for an out of the box idea and ….. included inflatable DINOSAUR SUITS!!! Yes, you read that right! Dinosaur suits were what we used after the garter and bouquet.  We had a dance off in which EVERYONE and I mean everyone was laughing and clapping!

Most Magical Moments

Looking back on what was most magical about the wedding ceremony, it could be several different things varying from having our families there, to my girls being by my side, and Sean having his best friends by his.

Following this was a moment that Sean and I will always remember, a great friend of ours took us on a wooden boat ride during cocktail hour. This gave time for Sean and I to really soak in what we had accomplished! It was nothing short of amazing and the pictures were exceptional.

Bride & MOH
Me and My Sister Bianca (my MOH)

Our Venue

The Lake George Club will always be special to us for its ability to speak to our personalities and to who we wish to become as we grow old together. It provided a timeless wedding in which the staff and amenities were nothing short of amazing. The list of these things could go on and on!

Wedding Planning Advice

As for advice for anyone planning a wedding, we both want to say it would be: to consider each other in every decision (even down to the simplest things) and to most importantly take a chance like we did with cocktail hour and enjoy each other’s presence for a moment after your ceremony. We promise, it will become very crazy with all the people to say hi to and the amount of love you’ll receive.


Cheers to finding my life long partner and cheers to experiencing the most amazing day of our lives!

To see Amanda & Sean’s awesome Lake George Club wedding film, click here!


Photographer   Nicole Nero

Venue              Lake George Club

Florist             Petal Pusher

Dress Shop      Something Bleu Bridal

DJ                   Vince Liotta

Baker               Leah’s bakery

Hair Stylist     Amanda Shepard

Makeup Artist  Cassandra McKenna D’Alberto

Dress Designer Olvis