River Wedding in Schenectady

If there is a wedding by water, I am in. Lake, waterfall, stream, brook, pond, mud puddle, swamp, or river, weddings by water are so placid and peaceful and soothing. This Schenectady wedding is no different EXCEPT that we also got the sheer delight of a first look in a ROSE GARDEN! Yes you heard me right. My other favorite place to work, the GARDEN!!!!!! So, safe to say it was an exceptionally good day to be a garden and river loving wedding filmmaker! You may remember some other water and garden weddings like this one, and this one in a historic garden in Massachusetts!. I am game for another river wedding any day of the week! Especially a Tuesday. Anyone want to do a Tuesday wedding?

Bride & Groom

So these two, they are vivacious, happy, spontaneous, easy going, and wildly in love with each other. Recipe for a good film? Yes. They were married in September and the weather was cooperative, with a nice breeze keeping the temps reasonable. They had about 120 guests and enjoyed music by Conway Entertainment.

River Wedding Bride

Conway Entertainment

Did I ever mention that Conway entertainment and I go waaaaaaaaaay back? While this DJ was not Adam, the owner of Conway (Adam Conway) and I went to high school together and he used to DJ all our high school dances. How cool is that? Now this DJ also isn’t Fernando but if you ever get the chance to have THE Fernando at your wedding… OH I digress. It is hard not to when I get thinking about those two awesome guys. Anyway- Adam used to DJ our dances and I still think that is just about the coolest thing ever. Anyway.

River Wedding, Groom

Nicole Nero

While I am on the subject of awesome vendors, lets not forget THE Nicole Nero of Nicole Nero Studios, one of the most talented photographers ever, and a timeline composer (read: magician). Have you seen her work??? The photos from this wedding are GORGEOUS!

River Wedding Roses

A Tale of Two Dresses

If you are looking for a dress follow Alyssa’s lead and check out Love Story Bridal in Troy! And if you love the dress you buy there, go ahead and treat yourself to another one, care of Lily’s of Saratoga!!! You only get married once, so it is important to have enough dresses to last the whole day.

I asked Alyssa to tell me the story of the two dresses and she said this:

“Yes actually, the dress from Lily’s was the first one I fell in love with months before buying my first [dress] but I convinced myself not to buy it because I wanted to try on more dresses. So I continued to try more on at different shops and bought the one from love story thinking it was the one but never forgot about the one from Lily’s so I went back and bought it a month before the wedding.”

NICE!!! I hear this more than you think… Perhaps the stuff of a future blog post!

Wedding Fountain

How They Met

We met at a Jets v Bills football game at Met Life stadium. We both were on the same bus trip with separate groups of friends. We didn’t say much to each other on the trip but both definitely noticed the other. Nate came up to me and told me I was beautiful but because on alcohol, I laughed and walked away. He later asked me my name and found me on Facebook the next week. He eventually asked me on our first date and the rest was history!

River Wedding

River Wedding Bride & Groom


Nicole Nero

Love Story Bridal   AND Lily’s of Saratoga

Price Chopper of Clifton park

Conway Entertainment

Kaitlyn Beck

Platinum Studio

Sweet Beez

Garden Wedding, Bridal Party