Estes Park Wedding

This is a fun one.

We had the super fun opportunity to film an Estes Park Wedding full of homemade “paparazzi” while two of our good friends tied the knot.

Step 1-Get a bunch of photos together for a party in the mountains.

Step 2- Teach them cool stuff they can’t learn anywhere else (ahem- the awesome, inspired, insightful, and interesting Chad Braithwaite plans the best conferences!)


Step 3- Hint mercilessly about an upcoming surprise.

Step 4- Lose it repeatedly (ie- cry cry cry) while announcing the surprise is an Estes Park Wedding! (Add super rustic and adorable wedding invites with pinecones on them for effect!)

Step 5- Unleash about a million photographers on the unsuspecting couple. Jenn and Brad are two beloved members of the Photo Rehab Community who decided to celebrate their love among some of their favorite friends! We were so excited to be there! As a result, we partied like rock stars. If rock stars like to hang out with elk in the mountains. In other words, we made our own reception in a rustic cabin with our cell phone flashlights and someone’s strobe!

Marry Them!!

Step 6- Take your conference full of paparazzi to a wedding and then officiate that wedding in a unicorn suit (almost!)

Step 7- Take one million photos of the gorgeous couple in the gorgeous park!

Step 8- After that, wedding cake.

Step 9- Then stay up dancing and chatting all night.


In conclusion, if you ever get a chance to go to a surprise wedding in the woods, do it. It will be gorgeous. And working with friends or clients who become friends, is one of the very best things about this job. Here are some other super funky edits to love! This one, and this one, and also this!

Estes Park Wedding

This perfect wedding backdrop was the ideal place for these lovebirds to tie the knot.