Sixty State Place Wedding | December 5, 2015

Chantal & Joseph’s December 5th Sixty State Place Wedding was beautiful, sunny, unseasonably warm, and very sweet. We ventured to downtown Albany, NY for this one and the beautiful cathedral was just a short distance from the fun and stately Sixty State Place. On my way in to the hotel to find Chantal, I bumped in to some old friends from Fleurtacious Designs, with a bounty of beautiful blooms in tow, as per the usual. Did you know I used to work there? I digress. I also got to meet someone new in that same elevator, charming photographer, Tiffany Wayne.

Whenever editing, I feel a connection to the people in the piece I am working on in a more subtle way than just talking to them or when I am shooting. This is especially true with softer personalities like Chantal and Joseph. Watching their vows, you can feel the tenderness between them. What a great reminder that true love is more than just what we say but also how we look at our loved ones, how we reach for them, crinkled eyes when we sincerely laugh together… What a fun “winter” day this was at Sixty State Place.

DJ Vinny Vin had us vendors dancing and singing as everyone prepared for the guests arrival. We grabbed room shots and listened as the music bounced joyfully from one unexpected genre to the next. My ears have never been so happy. We delighted in the beautiful arrangements of hydrangeas in tall elegant vases, the crystal, the candles, and the carefully planned details. The reception looked so elegant and inviting.  Chantal & Joseph’s Sixty State Place wedding was the perfect way to close out the 2015 season. May the two of you have a joyful, healthy, blessed married life. Here is your wedding video trailer!

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