Katie & Lucas’ Greywacke Meadows Wedding

From the Gardenhouse

A beautiful, stormy, blustery, day turned this wedding into the coziest barn wedding! Katie and Lucas and their closest friends and family, settled into this rustic barn and farmhouse setting for a really fun day of celebration at Greywacke Meadows.

Wedding of Katie & Lucas

greywacke meadows


Greywacke Meadows getting ready house is SO cute and has the best shiplap everywhere which photographs and films, SO well!! The day started in absolutely pouring rain and heavy winds. By the evening, the torrential rain had cleared out and the MOST INCREDIBLE sunset happened. It was insane. The sky was the darkest possible blue and the sun shone vivid orange. It was beautiful! The windy persisted and gifted all of us the stuff of fairy tales (yes- you DO want wind on your wedding day!!)

These two are crazy about each other. It is what makes filming weddings such a joy. Faith in love and relationships and the goodness of people and family and dancing…. you get it!


(Updated January 24, 2020)

Quick update! I was lucky enough to get to see Katie and Lucas (and their precious pups!) again this fall and we did some fun pics! Thought you might like to see the newlyweds living it up!! Notice the adorable new tattoo on Katie’s shoulder- that is the little fox from their centerpieces at their wedding!!!


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Greywacke Meadows:

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