Garrison Wedding

The Garrison Wedding of Iliana & Jon was very special indeed. Set against the mighty and spectacular Hudson river, on a beautiful hillside dressed in greenery and trees, and loveliness, two beautiful people wed.

Garrison Wedding Kiss outdoors in fall

The Garrison

Weddings at the Garrison have a special connection to nature. The grand view of the Hudson river, down in the silhouetted valley is absolutely gorgeous. It is visible from both inside and outside ceremony spots and from the ballroom. When the sun sets it causes the whole valley to become a spectrum of pinks, blues, and purples. At the same time, the air starts to cool and the breeze is temperate and refreshing–at least it was the day I was there for Iliana and Jon’s beautiful wedding.

Garrison Wedding vow reading outdoors in fall

First the Love Notes

I always inquire as to whether the bride and groom will be exchanging love letters in the morning. This is one of the best parts of the day. This day was no different. When Iliana and Jon read their notes there was such a sense of anticipation, so much joy and excitement. The two rooms were buzzing with energy and love, and it is always so exciting to be a part of preparation for weddings. In my mind, the getting ready time is one of the purest moments of the day– brides with moms and sisters and best friends; grooms with fathers, brothers, best friends, and grandfathers… Listening to Jon read his thoughts made me very aware of the depth of love this couple has for each other, and their commitment to each other and their families.

First Look

This next photo says it all 🙂

The Ceremony

The ceremony was almost entirely in Spanish, and even though my Spanish wasn’t (and isn’t) that great, the resounding message was inescapable. Love doesn’t need to be translated. Iliana was a vision, and the two spoke beautiful words of love to each other. If you weren’t planning to write your own vows, you really should give it a little more thought. This is your chance to say beautiful true things to your beloved and you should take it!! At the end, streams of confetti flew about and the couple radiated happiness.

Garrison Wedding couple recesses amid confetti and happy guests


A true highlight of this incredible party was the dancing and enthusiasm of all of Iliana & Jon’s guests. These two are fantastic dancers so it was pretty hard to take our eyes off them!! The music was loud and festive and everyone had a great time!!

Iliana & Jon- great party, great couple, great marriage!! May you always have so much love and family around you and health to sustain you together for a lifetime.


Venue: The Garrison

Florist: Flowers by April

Photographer: Nicole Nero

Band: Checo Swing

Hashtag: #aDosOfLove #ToastToDos