October 2016 | M&D Farm

Flower Crowns

What a pleasure to be involved with everyone who helped make this flower crown bridal shower weekend shoot possible! From the gorgeous flowers and crown instruction, to the beautiful gowns for the bridal shower, this shoot was a total blast start to finish. M&D Farm provided incredible hospitality as well as truly beautiful food for the ladies evening meal and the blustery weather set off the incredible landscape. Totally one of my favorite videos I have ever made! Everything about this place fills you with warmth, comfort, and a sense of extreme care.

If I were getting married, I cannot imagine more of a treat than to get to spend the weekend with my dear friends eating wonderful food, making flower crowns, and trying on bridal gowns. In fact, if I were getting married, I would love to go to M&D Farm for the gown bit, alone! I got to grab some of the delicious spread and can vouch for what an incredible cook Daniel is. As it turns out he also teaches cooking lessons! Personally, what I would really like, is to get up the nerve to try out some of my horrible Spanish the next time I visit! I digress.

M&D Farm

M&D Farm

This property is special. Mario & Daniel (M&D) keep every nook and cranny with great care and extreme attention to aesthetics and details. These men could style absolutely anything and make it look heaven sent. What a dream getaway spot. In fact, when Mario & Daniel start their special weekend getaways next year, my husband and I are going to drop everything and sign up for one. I absolutely cannot wait to retreat to this little slice of heaven.


Planning, Coordination, & Styling by Mary Elise Rees

Lovely Coley of Flower Scout provided the Flower crown lessons. Everyone had a really good time creating them. We all need some creative outlets sometimes!

True North Bridal provided the beautiful, beautiful, elegant gowns.

Venue and Styling by M&D Farm

Amazing Airstream by Rose & Dale Co.

Andrew Franciosa 

This was a ton of fun to be a part of! (Yes. I did end that sentence on a preposition. Sorry Dr. Cohen!) Thanks everyone!!