Edison Club Wedding | May 27, 2016

Edison Club Wedding

A wedding video for Ashlee & Quentin! This Edison Club wedding really could not have been any more beautiful. Ashlee and Quentin look at each other like they know their love is the most precious thing they have. Even mother nature wants the best for these two, as she kindly rearranged her plans of 90% chance of thunderstorms in favor of gorgeous orange sunset for these two. It did not rain or storm at all while we were at this wedding, it was very hot but calm.


It was such a pleasure to watch these two tie the knot and say such tender and kind things to each other. Wait until you hear their vows! You will have to wait for their wedding trailer to hear the bride’s vows, but the groom’s vows ought to be enough to get you  misty! The world really needs more love like this. And this family is full of great writers. The toasts were beautifully written too. Music provided by Cool Cat included some of the couples’ favorites songs, most of which were not the same old same old! Enjoyed this wedding start to finish. 🙂 To see the full trailer, click here.

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