Brewery Wedding

Ever get to go to a wedding at a brewery? How about a Brewery Wedding in Connecticut to spice up your Thursday? Today on the Love Stories wedding films blog we have and awesome Brewery Wedding– Molly & Luke!! One thing we talk about a lot on this blog and the rest of the website too, for that matter, is being true to yourself. One of the best examples of I’ve seen in a LONG time, Molly & Luke’s big day!


This wedding was personal, tender, bad ass, and real. These two love each other like crazy. And their wedding was a perfect representation of the two of them. From the music, to the bonfire, to the food trucks and all the kilts and tattoos in between, this wedding was straight up FUN! Lest you think it was only a wild party, let me assure you that the ceremony words delivered by Luke’s Uncle Tom Calloway, were some of the most elegant, ugly-cry inducing, beautiful words I have ever heard. It didn’t hurt that his voice sounded like dark silk, but the tenderness with which he spoke of his nephew and his niece in law (is this a thing??) was so touching– one of the best ceremonies I have ever heard.

Wedding Details

Details matter, but maybe not the ones you think!! When the details are carefully matched with a person or a couples’ core values, it elevates everyone’s feelings on a day when they are already running high! The words Luke’s uncle said, the art Molly’s sister made for the table, the use of the family tartan for both groom and bride, setting this wedding at the brewery where they fell in love…. So many details made this wedding really special. Brewery wedding, yes please!

From the Bride:

Luke was a local musician. Casually met at his metal concert. Talked ever since!

The brewery is so special to us. It is where we first discussed being together forever and we have dreamt up our life together there. Our love grew into a union under that roof and with a good beer in hand. We want to celebrate our love with all of our loved ones. We want endless laughter and memories through out the evening. Games, beer and sunshine!


Taco Loco and Brick+Wood (both food trucks!)

The Drunk Alpaca

Domenica Iuliano

Playlist and Luke’s Uncle


My biggest fear was the film being “cheesy”. My husband and I are a bit unconventional and our wedding was as unique as us. Our wedding video came out so perfect I watched it nearly everyday for weeks on end. Lily truly captured the fun and energy our friends and family hold. From dancing, to special handshakes and tender moments in between, every moment was captured.

Lily was truly my ride or die that day! She wiped tears from my eyes and calmed my nerves when others could not. She truly made me feel like I was a bride and to relax and take in every second. It’s easy to get stressed and wrapped up when last minute details need to be met, Lily took me under her wing and our day was perfect.

Do it!!! Weddings get so expensive and stressful. Having this video is truly so special. Watching the love and night in motion is truly so special. My video truly captured the spirit of our wedding in a way that nothing else could. The video is my favorite part looking back and I’m so happy we did it and I’m so happy Lily was the one to do it! I’ll for sure be hiring her again come time for babies!!