Lucas Confectionery Wedding | January 2017

Lucas Confectionery Wedding

Does anyone else like the word Charcuterie as much as I do? It just rolls off the lips, doesn’t it? It is satisfying in all the right places in the mouth. And it makes you feel like you are in on a little secret. And if that secret is a Lucas Confectionery Wedding, there is probably a substantial amount of tapenade in your future… It is kind of ironic that someone who has been a vegetarian since they were 15 years old, would be so fascinated by such a, well, meaty, word. It is what it is, I guess. (I am also well versed in farm to table, free range, grass fed, pastured raised, organic, non-GMO, healthy happy meats from all my time hanging out with Joshua Rockwood at his adorable farm West Wind Acres. More on that, here.)


That Dress!

What a day for a wedding. Slightly overcast, chilly and winds at 10 miles per hour, which is just what you want when you have a beautiful bohemian dress like Brianna’s. Her dress, from Lily of Saratoga, danced its ethereal dance on the cold 10mph winds and looked delightful. So worth our chilly hands and noses. These two couldn’t feel a bit of cold, of course, so enveloped in each other’s love they were.

They shall drink champagne!

The sweetie pies over at Lucas Confectionery decided to surprise our love birds with some delicious champagne while we amused them with endless iterations of portraits. I bet we have quite a few couples that wished they too could load up on champagne during portraits! HA HA HA HA Sorry guys. Getting married at The Confectionery. What can I say?

The Photog

Of course the stunning Nicole Nero was on hand, as per the usual, being her awesome self, have I mentioned how much I like her? Yeah, you know, duh! The Makeup Curio did the beautiful bride’s makeup and the inimitable Colie Collen of Flower Scout fame provided the darling bouquet.


The two of you exude love and chemistry and connection. May you rock on your porch rockers well into your 90s and see many generations of little ones playing at your feet someday. Happy blessings to you and congrats! XOXO