October 16, 2016 | Canfield Casino Wedding


Ahhhhh Jordan and Scott! This was a GREAT wedding. A Canfield Casino Wedding with an absolutely awesome couple. From our very first phone call, Jordan was a dream bride. Her self disclosures were hilarious and charming, her taste, perfection, and her sense of humor pervaded every nook and cranny of our talks.


It was a joy getting to know this couple. Jordan is much like I imagine myself on the other side of things (except I am not so funny). She had a very clear sense of who she was as a bride and who they were as a couple and this knowing was ever present in all the details of her day. I really love people like Jordan and Scott. The kind of people who let you know where you stand, who aren’t afraid to be REAL, who are so comfortable with themselves that they set everyone else at ease. I could talk about the gorgeous choices they made from venue to flowers, but what is really striking about them, is their authenticity.

Future Brides

Dear future brides– if you are a “Jordan” please call me!! I want to be at your wedding!

I knew this one was going to be great when I found myself searching for their feature songs months and months before the wedding. When I would find a good one, I would email Jordan and get back an enthusiastic reply. This bride’s enthusiasm for everything is infectious.

I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and health and togetherness. May there be many many blessings on your union!! XOXOXOXOXO