Albany Wedding Video for Sierra & Josh

Sierra & Josh had a lovely wedding in Albany, NY.

Remember that time when a napkin caught on fire at the reception….? I do!! This was a super chill, super fun wedding with a blooper or two! We had the very funny and energetic Chris Sawicki on hand to keep us amused all day, great weather, a perfect drone flight, and a gorgeous sunset to make this a really fun one. But something DID in fact, catch on fire and my talented and responsible husband DID manage to put it out without disturbing (or missing) the toasts. What a guy!!

There were also incredibly fun props for the fast dancing portion of the day, thanks Adam!! And I even got to have one, an inflatable microphone that came in very handy later on when I wanted to play a (car-singing) prank on my easy-to-embarrass teenage daughter. OMG it was SOOOOOOOOOOO funny, one of the best funny moments of my life– I never pull that stuff off. Just once. It was amazing. But I digress!

Sierra looked like an absolute princess and truly gave Kate Middleton a run for her money. She bares strikingly resemblance to the princess and was just as graceful. Obviously Josh is head over heels for his gorgeous wife, and it was fun watching just how in love they were on their big day.

The ceremony was at a church in Schenectady and the reception was at Shaker Ridge Country Club. With a great team of vendors, this wedding went off (almost) without a hitch! (i guess you can call open flame on your reception table a hitch but who’s counting!!

I always love a chill couple– it is a special day and it is so much easier for you to enjoy if you are able to stay calm and relaxed!!! And the goofing around of your vendor team is just a side bonus!

Wishing you guys a lifetime of health and love!



Photographer: Chris Sawicki

Caterer: 2 Shea Catering

Florist: Fleurtacious Designs

Baker: Coccadots

DJ: Conway Entertainment

Hair: Plush

Hashtag: #talkkirbytome