Lambs Hill Wedding

When Adriana & Ashwin wed, it didn’t just sprinkle. It rained!! The roads were wet, the other drivers were acting crazy, and the fog rolled in deep and thick in Beacon, NY creating the most spectacular backdrop for this cozy intimate wedding.


It was easy to see why Adriana & Ashwin would choose to get married outside in the greenery and garden on the side of this beautiful mountain– the view and the ambiance were incredible! So normally, it would seem, when it rains, most people would choose to opt for the indoor option. Not so for this Lambs Hill Wedding!! The chairs were all set indoors, we set up our gear inside, thinking it was a for sure indoor day. But when it came time to say “I do” the game time decision was to do it outside in the mist (mist that quickly became actual rain!). It was quite a spectacle, if anyone was watching me, haha, I was juggling monopods and umbrellas and wet cameras, but it was worth every second! The clear umbrellas amidst the glorious rain and beautiful vivid colors of their wedding flowers… it was heavenly.


This couple is so in love, you can probably tell from their wedding film… it is always such a pleasure to film weddings where the bride and groom are crazy about each other (or bride-bride/groom-groom). You know- the weddings where they can’t take their eyes (or hands!) off each other! Furthermore, these two can DANCE! I am such a sucker for good dancers, it is so much fun to put the camera on the gimbal and follow good dancers around the dance floor!! Aside from the time when I almost fell into one of their reception tables… LOLOL which vitamins help your balance again? I saved it, thank god, that would have been embarrassing (but worth it). 🙂

Well anyway, I will leave you to it. Here is to a wonderful life for Adriana and Ashwin and hopefully many more Lambs Hill Weddings for Gardenhouse Films!!


Venue – Lambs Hill

Catering – Main Course Catering

Hair & Makeup –MG Hair and Makeup

Florals – Charlotte Guernsey–owner of the venue