Valentine’s Day Surprise | February 14, 2017

If you are short on romance, check out this incredible Valentine’s Day Surprise! Casey surprised Emily with a gorgeous wall of red hearts and a waffle cake and bouquet to match.


Despite the weather forecast calling for many many many inches of snow, these two had their love to keep them warm. The snow added to the coziness of their indoor celebration and the ambience of their outdoor portraits. They had many stunning details, like this incredible, unusual, bouquet from Fleurtacious Designs made by the amazing Margette. They also had a good time posing for some instant photos, does anyone else miss instant film?


The whole space gave off an antique feel between Emily’s vintage look, her Sarah Seven dress from The Sentimentalist in Atlanta, and the old victrola in the corner. Nicole Nero was on hand capturing incredible images of their love.


They wrote each other Valentines and danced in the living room with the snow gently (read: intensively) falling outside the windows. The space had the most incredible light! When is the last time you saw a waffle cake?


The whole day was such a celebration of love and fun. Happy Valentine’s Day lovebirds! May you have many many happy healthy years together.