October 5, 2016 | Homebirth



One special night the lovely Nicole Nero (of Nicole Nero Studio) and I got our late late night phone call that a dear little one was on the way and a special homebirth was about to happen.

Now in my former life I was a doula so I have a little bit of experience with getting up in the night for a birth. It was the best possible kind of birth, this one, we had already had about 2 hours of sleep which believe it or not, is enough to really take the edge off! Combined with a very cheerful, happy, fun home birth this was a really great birth to be at with a camera or two. Josephine (the mama!) was giving birth to baby #3 and unfortunately her beloved husband was 36 hours too late and several states away from this blessed event! He did get to join via FaceTime. It was very sweet and touching and the love between them was palpable despite the geographic distance between them.


Another special aspect of this night was the love between Josephine and her dear friend Lynn who was filling in for husband Raf as the birth partner. She lovingly cared for Josephine and supported her through her contractions. Midwives Kelly McDermott and Kristen Klein were a quiet, steady presence throughout the night, keeping Josephine comfortable and laughing. I’ve seen quite a few births and this was definitely one of my favorites. The spirit of calm and fun permeated the night and Josephine made birth look effortless.

The next day Nicole and I went to meet Raf at the airport along with Raf’s mom and two kids. They were so excited to see him again after several months apart and he was ecstatic to meet his beautiful new baby girl. It was such an honor to be at both the birth and the reunification of this sweet little family. Thanks for having us!! For more photos check out Nicole’s blog of this event.


Midwives are a gift! Be sure to check out all our amazing options here in the capital district. There are lots of great homebirth midwives and hospital midwives to choose from as well as a thriving doula community! It’s so exciting to see the options in childbirth for women in our area.