Whiteface Club Wedding, Lake Placid, NY | September 25, 2015

Caitlyn & Joshua are a beautiful couple, inside and out, I hope that this wedding video does this beautiful couple justice!

My faith was renewed watching this couple on their beautiful, perfect-weather, wedding day. It was as if the heavens saw their love and insisted that not only the sun and sky cooperate, but also every flower in the garden at the Whiteface Club in Lake Placid, NY. Watching Joshua with his brother before the ceremony, opening the gift Caitlyn had sent over is one of my favorite memories of this day. I got to see, first hand, the sincerity and beauty of this family. Caitlyn in her thoughtfulness picked the perfect gift, and Josh, in his warm, effervescent reception of it.

Josh’s brother (1 of 3 brothers!) matched his enthusiasm and excitement. This morning preview perfectly encapsulates what the day was like. Full of kind and gentle people, not afraid to share true feelings, even in front of a camera. It was an honor to spend the day with this family. The number of times I fought back tears this day will stay between me and my tissues because it was a lot and I would probably face some fairly severe ribbing in the future.

Between the sun struck evening boat ride, the moving vows in the garden, the touching and funny first dance, and the tenderness of the parent dances, it was a deeply moving day which lent itself easily to the making of a wedding film. This Whiteface Club wedding simply couldn’t have had more beauty to work with.

Caitlyn & Joshua– I wish you a lifetime of health and happiness. May the world reflect back to you the warmth you send out. This is their wedding video feature!

Funny Mishap of the Day: Forgetting where I put my keys 30 minutes before the start of this lightning fast wedding ceremony! I had a dream the week before that I missed the ceremony, and woke up terrified! Luckily the Father of the Bride kindly came to my rescue and insisted I borrow his car to go fetch my keys from the Groom’s house.