Saratoga Wedding | December 10, 2016

Associate Team

We got to try out something new for Michaele-Lynne and Josh’s beautiful Saratoga Wedding! Gardenhouse Films welcomed some new shooters to our team and let the second team take the wheel for the day, led by everyone’s favorite second shooter! Happy to report they did a gorgeous job and I still got to hang out with the beautiful bride and groom for part of the day too.

Blend, Baby, Blend!

Michaele-Lynne and Josh are a blended family with two gorgeous daughters– Ella and Grace. One, an aspiring photographer (i saw her shots, they were great!!) and one a little charmer! They handled themselves so beautifully and had such poise throughout the day. The promises on their wedding day were not just between Michaele-Lynne and Josh but also between parents and children. It was very sweet to see the love and commitment toward the kids and the way they were included in the ceremony.


The whole family gathered round this couple and filled their day with love and special blessings. There was singing and dancing, and tearful vows- what more could anyone want!Michaele-Lynne and Josh, your love for each other is so clear. Take care of one another and those beautiful girls! We wish you a long, happy, healthy, prosperous life filled with joy and happiness!! Enjoy 🙂

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