Sagamore Wedding of Sarah & Josh (#2)!!

This wedding season I was blessed with not one but TWO sweet couples named Sarah & Josh having a  Sagamore Wedding! For this reason, I was forced to keep from confusing them by assigning them the unglamorous labels of #1 and #2. This is not a Seuss reference, nor a ranking, simply the order each of these couples booked with Gardenhouse Films! As unbelievable as it sounds, I have also had another set of matching names- Michaela & Michael #1 and Michaela & Michael #2!!

Sagamore Bride

Gardenhouse Associate Team

The last two years we have experimented with sending out two teams on the busiest wedding dates as it always pains us to have to say no to excited brides who want to hire us. Its one of the least fun parts of my job. So Vivienne and Dale sometimes will take on a 2nd wedding on a given Saturday and we can make 2 couples happy instead of just one! This film is the result of this associate team’s work!! Now Viv has been shooting with me since she was 13! When I first started this business I couldn’t afford to hire anyone to shoot with me and she offered to help. It immediately became apparent that she had some talent! We added skill and the rest is history! She also edits with me and has been increasing her editing skill over the last few years and pushes me to learn new techniques which keeps us both fresh!!

Sagamore Wedding Couple

I am so glad that we got to work with Sarah & Josh at the Sagamore! What a beautiful, totally devoted pair they are! And they were troopers on one of the all time hottest days EVER. Thanks for having us there with you! Hope you love your film as much as we do!


Photographer: Megan and Keith Hitlin

Officiant: Keith Lynott

Venue/Caterer/Baker: The Sagamore

Florist: Finishing Touches

Dress: Wedding Atelier NYC

Band: Silver Arrow Band

Hair and Makeup: Reflections Salon

Wedding Planner: Carissa Root at the Sagamore

The Sagamore from Drone