Father’s Day Video | June 17, 2016

Here’s a little Father’s Day Video for ya:


In honor of the many awesome father’s out there, I wanted to share a little Father’s Day Video I put together. These Dads and Daughters, just a few of this year’s wedding families, let me into their lives over the last year and I am honored by that sharing. Whether your Dad is with us or not, Dads are very special people. I watch my husband father our four children and think I must be the luckiest woman ever to have a partner like that. I didn’t have a Dad like that, and many of us don’t so the ones who do are very blessed indeed.


My grandfather was one of those Dads. My mom talks about him all the time even though he passed before I was born and I never got to know him. He and my grandma had a very special love that is the foundation of the Gardenhouse Films brand. Even though I didn’t know him in real life, hearing his stories has helped me so much. I am including a few photos of my grandfather (Howard) and my Grandma (Hattie) and my mom when she was a baby and little girl. My hope for the children of our future is for the stability and structure Dads bring. For the toughness and the tenderness. For the hard work and the fun. Dads help make the world go round. May the world blossom with many more great dads, may we all appreciate them in their many different incarnations and personalities, and may we always let them know how much they mean to us. Saying a little prayer for all dads who have to be away from their families, and all families who have to be away from their Dads. XOXO

And if you are still looking for more Father’s Day Goodness, try this ee cummings  poem. 🙂