Rustic DIY Wedding Video Teaser & Trailer | Danielle and Josiah | June 19, 2016

Last weekend we had the pleasure of shooting the cutest Rustic DIY Wedding I have seen in quite awhile! Danielle and Josiah’s outdoor wedding, right here in Upstate, NY. This was a super special wedding. The bride, Danielle, worked on sewing her own bridal gown for the last three months in private. No one saw the dress as she worked on it. No one had seen the dress as of Sunday morning! When we arrived she still had a few beautiful finishing touches to apply which we eagerly filmed. She looked beautiful as she concentrated on finishing up her masterpiece. Wedding Video gold!

We also got to capture awesome greenhouse light for the girls’ getting ready. They actually have a greenhouse attached to their kitchen! It is pretty awesome. Made for great light. It was a hot one! Everyone looked beautiful in their shades of purple dresses and their photographer Nicole Nero¬†arranged the most lovely dress reveal. Everyone was surprised and excited to see Danielle’s accomplishment. They did a fun “first look” where they didn’t actually look at each other! They stood near each other and exchanged letters without seeing each other. Very romantic! Every detail of the ceremony and reception were so cohesive and well coordinated. It was a beautiful. Family members even surprised the couple with a birch arbor that had lovely coordinating purple flowers adorning it. The ceremony was lovely and meaningful, my favorite part was probably when Danielle came down the aisle on her father’s arm, fighting tears.

The reception was filled with dancing and joy, delicious Greek food, and happy relatives. It was such a pleasure spending the day with you both. I knew from your engagement shoot, that you had a beautiful love for each other. It was so much fun then and so much fun now, witnessing your love for each other. May you have a long and healthy life together.

Here is your wedding video teaser!!

And here is your wedding trailer!