Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos in the Country

Not too long ago, these awesome humans came to visit me in my hometown. They waded through tall grass and loved each other for the camera.  Then we walked along my childhood creek until we got the sun to finally set. I snapped some engagement photos for them. Finally, when Darren thought it would never be over, we went to get a beer at an awesome little pub in my town!

They told me some funny stories (Gina- i will never forget that story!!) and we had local drinks they made at the brewery itself! Later (like a few months later!) they got married!! That was awesome too.


So now, you are thinking, where do I get an amazing dress like that one and where can I find an awesome field to go roll around with my partner for life?! The answer is 2 fold.

Careful in the Grass

First- do NOT roll around in the grass. There are ticks in there. And if you are going to do it anyway (like we do at pretty much evvvvvvvvvvery shoot) get yourself some rose geranium essential oil. This stuff is great- you put on your pressure points. Ticks hate the stuff. You can get it here. Above all I am a filmmaker not a doctor so consult the powers that be on this one, or the internet, or whomever you take your medical advice from (ie- not me!)


As for dresses- Gina didn’t say where she got this incredibly beautiful one, but I absolutely love Lulu’s for romantic swirly dresses. And just so you know, no affiliate links in here, this is just what I happen to like!