Chatham Engagement Session | March 8, 2017


Chatham Engagement Session

Liv & Michael are a sweet couple who we recently filmed for their Chatham Engagement Session. We headed on down to Chatham, NY and found more than we bargained for! Just ask Liv & Michael about their strange encounter with Elvis-Superman, a big personality and a bit of a strange character. True to form, Liv handled him like a true extrovert, without batting an eye while Nicole and I were slinking away quietly! You may remember Michael’s sister Lauren, of Lauren & Chris fame. 🙂

Pretty Places

Up and coming Chatham is filled with quiet delights from their incredible movie theater popcorn to their adorable restaurants of delicious food! These two fit right in. We had to do a little convincing to get Michael to buy in to our lovey dovey stuff but he eventually succumbed to our indefatigable charm and agreed to do a few un-manly things to make us happy. Thank you for that, Michael!!!

Engagement Video

So here is a little something, just a short teaser of the video footage from their portrait session for your amusement and (hopefully!) delight. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for watching!