It isn’t every day that you get to enjoy a bride in three dresses! Well this M&D Farm Wedding had just that, and lots of beauty too!

M&D Farm Wedding

As venues go, M&D Farm is just about one of the best places to have a wedding! It is cozy, rustic, brimming with gardens and plant life, there is incredible texture and attention to detail, everything that delights the senses. On top of this, Mario and Daniel are two of the best hosts and stylists you could ever wish for. All of these factors, combined with an incredible couple, great family and friends present, and fantastic music, turn Jessica & Aric’s wedding into something magical, out of a storybook.


Hanging out with this crew, there was a lot to behold. We filmed groomsmen games (and they are sometimes shocking!) and a beautiful tea ceremony. We saw the bride in 3 incredible dresses- a red traditional Chinese dress, a stunning white bridal gown, and a fun party dress! It was amazing to spend time with this beautiful family!

The Ceremony:

The setting of this ceremony did not disappoint, the rustic barn backdrop mixed with mis-matched antique chairs added so much interest to this already interesting space. The fires that the caterers used to cook the food, in an open air display, added a beautiful fall scent to the air, and amped up the ambience a bit more! It was a bit rainy early in the day and the fire added so much coziness to the scene! The bride and groom delivered such heartfelt words to each other in their vows (this is why you should write your own vows!!!!) and the sincerity was clear and moving.

A little teaser:

The Reception:

By the time of the reception, everyone was having a good time, kicking back and relaxing. It was really sweet to hear such nice things about the bride and groom during the speeches. Always such a privilege to witness these events with people’s closest friends and family. Weddings are such a personal event to be able to be a part of and observe (yet another reason to be super careful who you hire to be your vendors!!!) The people you bring in as vendors are right there with your inner circle- pick good eggs!

The reception had fantastic music, obviously, because the most amazing DJ was present– Fernando of Conway Entertainment fame. And if ever there was a perfect choice of a person to be the voice of your reception, it is that guy!!! Always smiling, and Jessica & Aric’s M&D Farm Wedding was no exception!!! Everyone danced like crazy and seemed super happy. It was joyful to participate, even behind a camera! Hire a great DJ- there are a few awesome ones locally, there is no excuse getting stuck with a bad one!

Finally, this was an amazing wedding. A great mix of crazy-in-love couple, great venue, great vendors, and great energy. Hope you like the film!!!