Brooklyn Bridge Engagement  | June & July 2016

 Part One, Indian Ladder Farms:

In early June GHF got the honor of joining up with photographer Nicole Nero to shoot this gorgeous engagement at Indian Ladder Farms. Bride-to-be Jessyka got her beautiful dress from Rent the Runway. She looked stunning and she styled Keven so he looked pretty amazing too. She and her fiancé Keven romped around this beautiful orchard like pros.

This is the part of the engagement shoot you have already seen.

Part Two, Brooklyn Bridge Engagement:

For Part Two we packed up and headed to Brooklyn, NY to hit the bridge where they got engaged in the dead of winter one freezing cold day! Alternately, we went to shoot on an extremely HOT day!!

Backstory: These two have spent the last 3 years living 3 hours apart, seeing each other on the weekends– he in Brooklyn, she upstate. They got engaged on the Brooklyn Bridge on the coldest day of the winter. We returned there to shoot on the hottest day of the summer (with video gear in tow, no less!) It was well worth it, this couple is stunningly beautiful, inside and out. Did i mention the part of the story where we realized that we were going to miss our ferry? Yup, and we did! First we ran alllllllll the way back to see the ferry still sitting there but not letting anyone else on! That was fun times. We took a cab instead. Good thing I had my running flip flops on!

The day after our shoot, they moved out of the Brooklyn apartment to their future home. 🙂 I remembered a song the inimitable Josh Rask once used in a wedding video and I wanted something that beautiful and specific to their story– a tall order!!! But i reeaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllyyyyyyyy wanted it. And i think i found it with this song, Brooklyn by Danny Mitchell and Stars by Secret Nation.

And they lived Happily Ever After!

If you love this one,  go ahead and watch the apex, their sweet Albany Shaker Heritage Barn Wedding. and hey, we have the shoes to prove it!!