The Greywacke Meadows Wedding of Rachel & Josh

Greywacke Meadows Wedding

Greywacke Meadows Wedding

Rachel and Josh are high school sweethearts who incorporated some super sweet and personal moments into their Greywacke Meadows Wedding.

Getting Ready

Rachel & Josh, and their bridal party, got ready on the Greywacke Meadows property and let me tell you, that is always a good move. It saves so much time and reduces logistics greatly to get ready where you are getting married (and have your reception there too!!). Greywacke makes this very easy and their getting ready spaces are so pretty. The little house, especially, is the perfect backdrop for a bride to get ready with its gleaming white walls, amazing windows, and great interior decor. Rachel and her girls filled the space with joy and anticipation and Rachel surprised her mom with a special corsage to honor and memorialize her mother’s mother. Both Rachel and her mom got a good cry out of that one!!

Greywacke Meadows Wedding

Its Like Rain on Your Wedding Day

Well when the bride wants rain, it rains!! The day started out like this: gleaming sun, bright blue sky, birds were singing, the flowers blooming, a perfect day. But the bride was hoping for a little good luck rain. And rain it did!! Just when the bridal party and bride had found their way up the aisle to her waiting groom, the skies opened up and let loose on the lovers and all their guests!! People ran to get their umbrellas from their cars and the ceremony started, in spite of the mounting downpour. At some point, the collective assessment was…. RUN!!! And everyone crammed under their umbrellas and ran to the barn where we started the ceremony again. I even have a little audio clip (which I won’t share here for humiliation reasons) of some guests singing the Alanis song!! Don’t worry its in the raws and not going anywhere!


The Bride’s father served as the officiant, in another touching choice– details like this create such an intimate and personal feel at weddings. I am always surprised at how well family members and friends can carry off the tremendous responsibility of being the officiant at weddings!! Did you know that I did the papers to be an officiant? So technically, I can marry you too, just in case. I haven’t had to do it yet- almost did one time when I was 2nd shooting for someone and the officiant was AN HOUR late!! But nope! And that is just fine with me! The FOB’s words were sweet and wise and just the right touch.

Greywacke Meadows Wedding

The Rest of the Story

Nicole did a lovely write up in her blog of Rachel & Josh’s Greywacke Meadows Wedding and if you would like to read about how these two love birds met, you can do that right here!!


Photographer – Nicole Nero

Officiant – Robert Baker (FOB)

Venue –   Greywacke Meadows 

Florist  – Party with Mia

Dress Shop –  Angelas

DJ  –  DJ Superfly

Baker –  Fiorello’s

Makeup Artist  – Rowan (sister)

Wedding Planner –  Classic Crust Mobile Pizza

Greywacke Meadows Weddings

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