Farmer Josh, Healthy Meat, and the MFCEO Project


November 1, 2016 | Meat CSA, Farmer Josh, MFCEO Project


I became a vegetarian over 20 years ago when I was a teenager. We had no meat CSA at the time, although my mom did occasionally buy a half a pig from somewhere. And part of the reason I became a vegetarian was that I didn’t like what I had read about awful factory farms. It just seems so cruel and ugly to raise animals in such oppressive conditions and then slaughter and eat them. I dated a farmer back in high school and I got to spend a lot of time with the animals on his farm. It was easy to  love them and  I didn’t really want to eat their buddies anymore. I know, I know, call me a softie. It just weirded me out, so I stopped!! I wonder if I had known about Josh’s Meat CSA back then, if I would have gone cold turkey. *snicker*

Do you all know about Farmer Josh? This guy is the real deal. If you haven’t read his lengthy saga from last year, you can catch up over on Jon Katz’s blog, Bedlam Farm. He has written extensively about Josh’s trials and tribulations and the incredibly community of support around Joshua Rockwood. Josh raises animals. And he treats them extremely well. He is the best kind of farmer, and you should listen to me because I am a vegetarian!!!

Given my 20 years of moral conviction, it takes A LOT for me to promote any kind of meat eating. But This man is for real. I have seen how these animals live and this is the best possible way for animals to live before becoming someone’s dinner. I can absolutely positively endorse Joshua Rockwood, his farm, his practices, and his meat. It is the ONLY meat I feed my four beautiful meat-eating children. We have a meat CSA that we pick up every month and store in our deep freezer. I am happy to feed it to them.



Josh has all kind of meat for sale at his farm–he raises beef, lamb, chickens, and pigs at West Wind Acres. And he loves the heck out of his animals while he does it. When I had the opportunity to work with Josh to help him with a project that is important to him, I was happy to do it. He feeds my family.



So what is the MFCEO project? Josh is a bit obsessed with his favorite podcast, a business podcast by Andy Frisella, the MFCEO. This project was the result of Josh reallllllly wanting to win a contest to go meet Andy Frisella in Missouri later this year. Josh is the perfect candidate for a contest like this. Like Andy, Josh is teeming with grit and humility. Josh is strong and gentle, ambitious and generous of spirit. I can’t wait to hear back from Josh that he has won. They just couldn’t possibly do better!

As an aside, if you are looking for healthy HEALTHY meat for your family, I say, get thee over to West Wind Acres and sign up for an amazing meat CSA (community support agriculture shares). It is a box of prime artisan non GMO meat every month for a year. And it is delightful. Even to a vegetarian. (Is there a higher endorsement than that?!)