Lucas Confectionery Wedding | December 24, 2016

At this special Christmas Eve, Lucas Confectionery Wedding, we were graced by the lovely Mikayla and her groom, Dan. Mikayla was inspired by the holiday season, and by Santa Lucia in creating the look of this special day.

Santa Lucia in History

Santa Lucia was, a young Saint martyred in the 3rd century who used a candlelit wreath to illuminate her path and keep her hands free to carry food and supplies to help Christians hiding in the catacombs during a period of persecution. Her festival- Santa Lucia Day, also called St. Lucy’s Day, is December 13th and rings in the Christmas Season in much of Scandinavia.

The Big Day

With her beautiful candle adorned wreath, Mikayla was both a beautiful bride and a beautiful Santa Lucia! Her husband Dan is a lucky fellow, we think! We learned so much about Mikayla and her extensive travels and adventures, about the foreign languages she speaks! This is one worldly bride!

We loved getting her ready for her big day. Mikayla’s vows were a moving testament to her feelings about Dan, so beautifully articulated. It was a cozy and joyful day for many reasons and we couldn’t have picked better company for this holiday day!


The stunning Pronovias dress came from A Love Story Bridal.

Nicole Nero was on hand creating incredible bridal portraits (see them here).

And the absolutely incredible Santa Lucia candle wreath comes from the lovely Kris Ann Elario of Fleurtacious Designs.

Congrats Mikayla & Dan!! We wish you many many years of joy and health! 🙂