Horse & Meadow  | June 6, 2016

Sunset Portraits

Ashley and Piper: Ashley contacted us about a portrait shoot with her lovely horse, Piper. Along with the uber-talented Nicole Nero, of Nicole Nero Studio, we took to the meadows for a sunset shoot of this beautiful woman and her beautiful horse. Nicole and I spend a lot of our time in tall grass and were super careful to avoid the little creepy crawlers. *Fingers Crossed* All this pastoral beauty was totally worth it!!


This gal is a natural beauty and adores animals. Getting out to the country is SO MUCH FUN, as you know I do from time to time when I am not shooting glamorous weddings (hence all the farm videos you have seen, here and here, and the suburban country too, as in backyard chickens, lol). Come to think of it, I met Ashley in the process of filming those Rockwood Horses…. but I digress.

Satie is the perfect song to accompany this horse and meadow shoot – when I heard it, that was it!!

Miss Ashley Says

We asked Ashley to tell us a little about herself and her family of animals and this is what she had to say:

“Sidekick is the tiny goat. She’s a pain in the butt because she wants to be under everyone’s feet and held all the time. I love her though. Clover is her best friend and the sweetest baby alive. That girl likes to give kisses. Olaf plays the biggest role of my best friend, child, livestock guardian, and clown. He’s super silly but knows when to be serious too. Olaf’s always really happy and eager to please the humans. Piper thinks she’s a big dog. Poor girl has been bounced around to multiple owners in her 18 years but you’d think she’s lived with us forever.

When I finish [school] in December I’ll have a bachelor in technology in animal science. We’ve had the farm for 5 years. I decided to go back to school to pursue the dream of being a vet but decided against being a vet when I learned about the other jobs that are in the agriculture world. Now I’m doing my internship doing agriculture outreach and agricultural land conservation.”

Perfect Weather

Great weather and a field full of animals makes for a perfect shoot! What fun! Glad there are people like Ashley out there who are so devoted to the animals we humans depend on. Wishing Ashley the greatest of successes as she finishes up her education and pursues the career of her dreams!! Go Girl!

Horse & Meadow & Goats & Dogs & Probably lots of Bugs…


Ashley is still glowing in front of the camera- we recently caught up with her since her Shaker Elopement film and did a glorious vow renewal with her at Lucas Confectionery.