Lake George Wedding

From the Groom:

We met in college, sophomore year. I was bragging about “cheating the system” on a final exam, Annalise had some not so nice words for me. A few months later, we bonded over our horrible biology professor. That is when she realized how awesome I was and we have been pretty inseparable ever since.

The other little theme you will see is penguin related. When I proposed to Annalise it was at the New England Aquarium in front of the penguin exhibit. Annalise loves penguins and we both loved the fact that they mate for life. So I got on one knee and asked her to be my penguin. In her classic sarcastic fashion she made fun of me while her back was too me, of course said yes and then turned around to me proposing. I even had the ring in a stone case (like the pebbles penguins give to their significant others.) So, we have a penguin themed cake topper, and our sign-in board is penguin themed.

Bride and Groom Lake George Wedding Lake George Wedding Florals Lake George Wedding Lake George Wedding Lake George Wedding

Lake George Wedding Vendors:

Venue: Dunham’s Bay

Photographer: Trisha Millier

DJ: Mo Haskins of Cool Cat

Hair & Makeup- Beauty to Go by Nicole

Cake- Cake by Alissa

Hashtag: #LovefromAtoZ_2017

Lake George Wedding Sparklers

(Updated January 25, 2020)

Spoiler Alert- Its a GIRL!!!!!

Family Photographer Baby Girl

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Lake George Wedding