Lucas Confectionery Vow Renewal

Lucas Confectionery Vow Renewal

We can’t love a venue more than we love this one. The brick, industrial metals and roughness and lights and everything about Lucas Confectionery, makes it the ideal backdrop for any wedding or vow renewal!


First- do you remember the electric Shaker Heritage Barn wedding of Ashley & Jaime from a few years ago. Well, they still got it. This vow renewal was practically on fire with the same chemistry and heat they brought to their snowy elopement wedding.

Saint Lucia

Second- As frequent readers of this blog already know, we are just a little obsessed with Saint Lucia  you probably remember this wedding from a few years ago… Hey if it ain’t broke! (Right?) There is just something SO romantic about wearing candles on your head, a mere inch or two from absolute disaster! HAHA, just kidding. Look at her though- isn’t it gorgeous? And festive?


Next – It is so rare that you see people in love that make you physically feel as though you should probably go elsewhere, like, “am I intruding here?” just with their glances at each other. In other words, they are crazy about each other. These two are like that. The perfect place to go with all this steamy fodder was Lucas Confectionery, where they could have the privacy of a quiet window in which to canoodle and adore each other. Above all, you should adore each other when you get married. It keeps you married. 🙂

Holiday Weddings

In conclusion, get married in December! It is super gorgeous and fun and filled with all the extra excitement built right in to the holiday season! Everything is already decorated and filled with twinkle lights anyway! Why not make good on the existing lights and greenery and ensure that your dress can be as hot as it wants and you can always go outside for fresh air!! Off season for the win!!