Indian Ladder Farms Proposal & Engagement Story of Danielle & Kevin

I asked Danielle and Kevin for their proposal story and what follows is the sweetest proposal and engagement story- told from the very beginning!! If you love a good proposal, make sure you watch their engagement film where you can see Kevin proposing to Danielle at Halloween!!

At 9 Years Old

Danielle and Kevin had known of each other since they were about 9 years old, but little did they know where they would end up! Danielle moved to Crystal Lake, IL when she was in 4th grade. Crystal Lake was one of her favorite places. Danielle lived there for 3 years and knew of Kevin through school and because her sister Justine did special olympics with Kevins Brother Scott. Kevin happened to be Justine’s basketball coach for her Special olympics team at the time.

Moving Away

Danielle and her family moved away to Massachusetts when she was in 6th grade, she was heartbroken leaving her friends. Over the years, she decided to keep in touch with her friends for over 13 years time. Danielle decided it was too long since she had visited her friends in Crystal Lake.

Seeing Each Other Again At Last

When she came to visit she had asked a ton of old friends to meet at their local bar called the Cottage to catch up over drinks. A mutual friend of Danielle and Kevin, his name Lucas, had brought Kevin to join the get together. Danielle was immediately attracted to Kevin from the first moment she had saw him. She even remembers exactly what he was wearing that day. Although they didn’t make much conversation, neither of them forgot about each other after that day.

Keefs Reef

The week was coming to end for Danielle’s visit so a few close friends including Lucas decided to meet up at another local bar called “Keefs Reef”. Lucas mentioned that Kevin was on his way back from visiting a friend with his sister and that he may stop by the bar on his way home. Danielle encouraged Lucas to get Kevin to come because she was attracted to him and had this feeling they would get a long very well.

The Flight She Almost Missed

An hour or so later, Kevin decided to show. Danielle had to leave in 5 hours for her flight. In that little period of time that they spent together, they got to know more about one another. This made saying goodbye that much harder for Danielle. Danielle and Kevin stayed almost til the last hour before she had to leave and was very close to missing her flight. She cried pretty much the entire way back to New York from being homesick. A few days past by and Chicago was still on Danielle’s mind. She was already planning her next trip back around Christmas time to visit everyone again.

Kevin Suggests a Date

Kevin seemed to have Danielle on his mind as well because he had reached out to her on Facebook Messenger and told her that if she comes back he would like to take her out on a date. That was all Danielle needed to hear because she did go back to Chicago and did go on that date with Kevin and was a date she’ll never forget. After Danielle had left back to New York, neither Kevin or Danielle could get enough of each other. They talked all day and night on the phone. Neither of them thought they wanted to be in a serious relationship until they both started to grow strong feelings for each other. Although everyone thought it was silly and unrealistic that they were miles apart, they didn’t want to give up on each other because the feelings they had for each other were real.

Kevin Visits NY

That being said, Kevin decided to visit New York to see Danielle Valentines Day weekend. Danielle wanted to show Kevin a great time so they spent the weekend in New York City. They were tourists of the city that weekend. It was Friday the 13th, the day before Valentines Day and Danielle and Kevin went on a boat cruise around New York City. They were drinking, had dinner, and danced the night away on the dance floor having the most fun they have had in a long time with a significant other. As they were dancing, Kevin told Danielle that he wanted to be with her and he asked Danielle to be his Girlfriend. Danielle was ecstatic. The two strangers that met at 9 years old had became lovers and true best friends.


Kevin and Danielle have been together now for 4 years and reside in New Jersey for work. Time past by, people were getting engaged, married and having kids and both Kevin and Danielle were starting to be questioned as to when they were next. Both of them knew that they wanted to be together and were ready for that step. Danielle was ready and Kevin was waiting for the right moment. Little did Danielle know it was a lot closer to happening than she had thought.

Mutual Love of Halloween

Everyone knows for Halloween that Danielle and Kevin love to go all out with their costumes. This past year, it was Danielle’s turn to pick the costume so they decided to do Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood. Anyone who knows of these two, knows that they like to be creative and unique somehow with their costumes. Danielle thought it would be funny if they played the Harry Potter song and danced to the music in a cheesy way and video taped it for them to post on Instagram and Facebook.

Planning the Big Question

Kevin planned on proposing to Danielle a month or so before that, but because Halloween is their favorite Holiday, he thought it would be a great idea to do it then. Danielle’s costume came in late so they told each other they would wait til the next day. Not knowing Kevins plan, Danielle was running errands and taking her sweet time to get home.


Kevin was getting very anxious texting her to come home and Danielle thought nothing of it. Once Danielle got home, they got dressed up in their costumes, took fun pictures, and then Kevin turned on the recorder and they video taped themselves dancing to Harry Potter. They were both dying laughing while dancing in the living room to the music. Danielle told Kevin to dip her to be funny and then spin her around. While Kevin was spinning Danielle he told her to continue to twirl a couple times. As she spun herself around the last time, Kevin was preparing to get on one knee and low and behold, he asked her to marry him!

Closing Thoughts

The proposal was perfect and so unexpected. It was in their own element and that is exactly what Kevin wanted. That day is one they will never forget. Kevin and Danielle can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives with each other and look forward to celebrating their wedding in the near future in the upstate area of New York, Lake Placid.

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