Destination Wedding Videographer

Being a Destination Wedding Videographer seems like the stuff of dreams. Sometimes dreams come true! For example, the time I went on an all gals retreat to the incredible Amalfi Coast to learn how to travel for work.What once seemed impossible now seems likely 😉

Bridal couple on steps in Castellebate in Italy


I guess I thought it might be a little boring to hang out with all gals however, I was SUPER WRONG! The friends I made in Italy were keepers. Because we self selected– women, photographer, travel lovers, adventurers, it was a great mix of people that already had so much in common! These are people with whom I still talk all the time, people who I care about and want to succeed! I have already been to visit some of them, since the Italy trip, and have gone to other conferences with some of them!


It might be best to say it without saying it. This place is gorgeous. I don’t know when I have been so in awe of a landscape. The blue is so vivid it doesn’t make any sense! It is so intense and exciting to look at the water from up on this mountain, it feels so serene!


So with all this beauty everywhere, wouldn’t it make the most stunning backdrop for a wedding or elopement film? We had some incredible styled shoots on top of this mountain with that view right next to us! This is a destination wedding videographer’s dream right here!

Historic Places

Santa Maria di Castellabate is one of those incredibly old places that feels so comfortable and home-like… If only modern architecture could feel this good!! It was the perfect backdrop for a pair of beautiful couples, modeling as brides and grooms!


Traveling- good!

Styled weddings in old places- great!!

Destination wedding videographer- must have!!!

Friendship- the absolute best!!!!

Watch the travel film for a fun recap of our adventures in Italy!