January 16, 2017 | Albany Engagement Shoot

They were in love… and he sang to her…

Enter Olivia & Tyler, cutest singing, snuggling, guitar-playing couple…ever. Music was the center of this plaid-clad, Albany Engagement Shoot.

I know what you are thinking– why didn’t I think to pack up my guitar in the depths of winter and head out to some field and serenade my girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife. Right?!!? Me too. Totally missed the boat on this one. In fact, I don’t know when the last time I serenaded my husband was, in any location, actually. Seeing as how singing increases Oxytocin, it might be a good idea. Perhaps this is why music is such an important part of romance…

Plaid in a Field

So there they were, giving piggy back rides, oddly posing with metal wreaths (we told them they had to), and making beautiful music in a beautiful, slightly winter-worn park in the Albany area. I would tell you where but then I would get in trouble with the master location scout- Nicole Nero. There were layers and layers of warm, insulating, and stylish threads the texture of which entertained our eyes just as Tyler entertained our ears.

Albany Engagement Shoot

We do love a good engagement shoot. Seeing couples in love, about to embark on their happily-ever-afters is a real treat.

Congrats Tyler & Olivia!! We know your years ahead are bound to be filled with joy, music, and love. What more could anyone ask for!! Thanks for spending the afternoon with us. Can’t wait for your wedding!!