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Winter Wedding

Albany, NY Winter Wedding

First of all:

Winter is the most under-rated time to get married. Soooo many amazing things happen in winter- snow, skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, Christmas, decorating trees, hanging wreaths, making cookies, football season, snow days, cute winter scarves and hats, warm savory hearty meals, family holidays, twinkle lights, hibernating like a bear… The list goes on and on.

Kids Say the Darnedest Things:

My children would say that my favorite of all these things is (and theirs too, at least in part) outrageously amazing… HOT COCOA.


I had a groom who loves hot cocoa and we laughed over the fact that we both order coffee (so we could look like adults when the 3 of us were meeting up before the wedding) but secretly we all wanted hot cocoa!

Big Kids are Even Worse:

My oldest daughter likes to make fun of my incessant Instagram coverage of my hot chocolate escapades. And now that we have mastered the art of home made whipped cream, this phenomena is only getting worse.


There are so many things you can do to hot chocolate- you can cover it in whipped cream or marshmallows or both, you can drizzle chocolate syrup or hot fudge on it, you can sprinkle those tiny little chocolate chips on top, or chocolate shavings…. rainbow sprinkles, m&ms, all of the above! It really is the same as a sundae when you think about it, only liquid underneath. And hot. I digress.

The Reason for the Season:

So then:

Winter weddings give us the perfect opportunity to drown ourselves in feature delicious hot beverages – coffee (or fancy coffees with liqueur), hot cider, fancy herbal tea blends (yawn), or duh!! hot liquid sundaes¬† cocoa in a cozy mug! You can twinkle the heck out of some lights and get a little extra life out of your Christmas decorations. Or you can create a pristine background of snow and white loveliness that is available at no other time of year. The light that glistens off the snow, just isn’t available to you in summer!

Get Creative:

And then:

Maybe you put a snowman in your group shots! The sky is the limit!! (Don’t worry I always stock pocket warmers for this!)


In all seriousness, don’t shy away from giving a winter wedding a shot. Wedding vendors aren’t doing a whole lot in the winter usually (except me, I am sunning myself in Mexico, HAHAHA). You might be able to get a little break!

Winter Weddings Rule! Do it do it.

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