Kiernan Plaza Wedding

This Kiernan Plaza Wedding was so good I flew in from sunny Mexico to shoot it!! For those of you who do not know, my family and I have been living in Mexico for the last few months, hiding from the terrible upstate NY winters (sorry Skiers!! It’s true!!!!) And it was COOOOLLLLDDDDD outside!! Lucky me, I had the super talented Nicole Nero to shoot with that day, which means that we got great stuff, even if we did shoot indoors much of the day! We did venture outside for a short while but it was so frigid that it was almost unreasonable to try to make anyone look happy out there! But who needs to be outdoors when you have windows like these!! Thanks Renaissance Hotel in Albany for being the incredibly gorgeous hotel that you are, replete with many inviting windows full of perfect light!! (Yoast is going to HATE the word Replete. A little joke for the bloggers out there.)

Gorgeous Venues:

Speaking of Gorgeous Venues – Kiernan Plaza, is a 120 year old beauty that started its life as a train station. It is regal and elegant inside, which is perfectly fitting for this regal and elegant couple. The tables were set to perfection, there is tons of room for dancing, a band, lots of guests, and it still feels grand and expansive. Really perfect for a bigger wedding!

The NY Players sounded amazing (obviously!) and pretty much every guest was on the dance floor tearing it up!! There is a reason they call themselves “the dance party experts” and I am guessing Nicole & Bob’s guests would concur. We had a great vantage point from the various balconies in Kiernan Plaza. And it was a fun night to be inside with great music and food.


First of all, I am not calling myself an expert on this subject, but I can recognize stylish people when I come across one– this comes from spending time with the elegant Nicole Nero. 🙂 Second of all, some people are so style-capable that you would have to be blind not to see how incredibly elegant and stylish they are (eh hem, Bride Nicole) Third- are all people named Nicole just inherently stylish and elegant? (Perhaps I should change my name??)

This is a couple with incredible taste. Not only that, they were able to successfully infuse their wedding with grace, elegance, and love. The primary feelings of the day were tenderness and connection– as it should be. Their love for each other, their mutual respect and admiration, were everywhere from the details of the wedding, to the little glances between them, the way they embrace, and most of all the beautiful words spoken in both their morning love notes, and their vows.

I believe in Nicole & Bob and I am so excited for them to have found each other and joined together for a lifetime of love.

Teaser Style:

From the Bride (on how did you meet?):

We went to high school together and reconnected through mutual friends 10 years later.


Venue: Kiernan Plaza

Photographer:  Nicole Nero

Caterer: Mazzone

Band: NY Players

Getting Ready Location: Renaissance Hotel (hey gals- get ready here its insanely beautiful)

Hair Stylist: Julie Potter

Makeup Artist: Erin Muller

Florist: Anthology

Dress Designer: Pronovias