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Autumn weddings are the perfect combination of pretty ambience, coziness, crisp air– that smell that the air gets in fall… and all the fattening goodness we all love to eat as soon as we need to start padding ourselves with a little (or a lot) of extra insulation to stay warm while we hibernate¬† continue to function all winter.

With autumn weddings you have the benefit of at least SOME chance that it won’t be a scorcher on your big day and the obvious benefits of built in backdrops, anywhere with trees! These are huge pluses! Sometimes, we (in summer i am sure this is when this occurs) get overconfident about the length of autumn, citing the calendar when showing the precise date that autumn weddings become winter ones. Let’s just agree that October is autumn, November is not– regardless of what your calendar is telling you! Because if the calendar says November, you should be thinking Guns N Roses. Not Alice Cooper.

Here, I have made it easy for you… (songs to help you remember it is autumn not summer)

Ok great. If the calendar says November- we are shooting inside ok? Even late October! Autumn Weddings are great, just make sure you have yours… in August. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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