Stablegate Farm & Vineyard Wedding

First you get a great venue like Stablegate Farm & Vineyard Wedding.

Then you gather your awesome family and friends.

Add music, dancing, beauty, and a great bouquet and you have the recipe for an awesome party!!!!


Stablegate Farm & Vineyard Wedding is sooo pretty and cute. The barn is the perfect size for a petite size wedding, cozy and intimate. There is plenty of room for dancing and hanging out and it is cute as a button inside!! The hills behind the vineyard and ceremony area create a very cozy arena for getting married!

Friends and Family

Its helps a lot if you know a whole bunch of awesome people. Can I say chill? I don’t want to sound like I am trying to be cool, I know I am not cool. Some of these words sneak into the vernacular and suddenly come out of your mouth before you realize you sound ridiculous! I don’t really say chill unless I am trying to get my kids to cool it. But I (as per the usual) digress. If I may be so bold- this was one chill group of people. Refreshingly chilled. Like a tall glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. (Redemption for me? Anyone? Help?)

Music & Dancing

Zaneta and Rob have a very active musical existence and in fact, music was a key player in their love story!! So it was only fitting that they would have amazing and awesome music at their reception. Which they did. And awesome dancing to boot. Obviously!! It was a great party and everyone had fun, you could just tell!!!

One of my favorite things about this wedding was actually about how this couple included us and made us feel so special. At this reception, a table was ready for us, just like all the other ones, with beautiful flowers and table decorations, in the same room, next to all the other tables, just the same. You have no idea how much it means to vendors to be treated with such grace. Thank you Zaneta & Rob!!!!

Happily Ever After

Wishing you two the happiest of ever afters. You are great people starting a great marriage. Always take care of each other and may you have health and longevity and blessings!!! XOXO

Groom waits for bride in the aisle Stablegate Farm and Vineyard Wedding


Nicole Nero

Venue: Stablegate Farm and Vineyard

Music: Conway Entertainment

Catering: Stablegate Barn & Vineyard

Florals: Williams Wildflowers NY

Makeup: Tabatha Valderrama

Hair: Sister of the Bride

Baker: Oh My Goodness Cake

Follow Along: #Reidb2bGibson