At Gardenhouse Films we welcome all couples, of all kinds.
We love real humans in real love.


We do not discriminate based on sexual orientation, and specifically want the LGBTQ community to feel welcome, loved, and respected with us. I have heard many horror stories of friends reaching out to wedding vendors and feeling afraid, unwanted, or experiencing outright discrimination. The only reason this text block exists is so that anyone in the LGBTQ community who needs a wedding videographer, knows that you are safe and welcome here. I eagerly await the day when this paragraph is rendered unnecessary.

Unconventional Souls:
You do not need to be magazine-ready, adhere to any conventional standards of beauty or mainstream perfection. It would be my honor to capture you, as you truly are, whomever you happen to be. True beauty, to me, is raw and vulnerable, it is being true to yourself, striving always to be better today than you were yesterday.

Bring your weird, your wacky, your sensitivity, bring your dog, bring your rock & roll, your nostalgia, your bohemian wanderlust, bring your rebel, and your truest self. We like you that way, we honor your unique love.
Come as You Are.

If you see yourself in these pages, please reach out and introduce yourself. We will be fast friends. I don’t want to be a stranger at your wedding, I want to be a friend with a camera who knows you, gets you, and captures you just as you are so you can remember that day always, and so your kids and grandkids can see the magic of your wedding day.