Heritage Films


“If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would it be?”


That’s an easy one. If I could meet one person living or dead, it would be my grandfather, Howard Burgett. This is a man, the constant subject of family conversation though he has been gone longer than I have been living, and a man I never got the pleasure of meeting or knowing. It is one of life’s great mysteries that we are not only related to and invested in our progeny, those beautiful, noisy, offspring that keep us up at night, but also in our ancestors, many of whom we may never have met or known. To know one’s heritage is one of the best predictors of family happiness according to Daniel Barker, a writer who studies success. Knowing one’s family stories and legacy helps a person feel more connected to their meaning and place in the world. Heritage Films are a media heirloom piece designed to capture and preserve all your treasured memories, funny stories, family wisdom, and treasured family artifacts.

The stories of my grandfather amaze me. I hear of his kindness, of his ability to make friends wherever he went, of how beloved he was by so many people. That sounds like exactly the kind of person I would like to know and love. Despite having a big heart, and a warm loving soul, my grandfather had several heart attacks as a young man and finally, one of them took him from our family long before his time. My grandparents loved each other dearly and their devotion to each other is the inspiration behind Gardenhouse Films. It is my wish for loving couples (of all kinds!) everywhere to have the kind of devotion in their marriage that my grandparents had in theirs. Marriage is a sacred promise and a sacred blessing– one of the greatest gifts we can give, and one of the greatest we can receive. Another one of these is parenting and being parented. Family, and the love that families provide to children, elderly relatives, and even the love we still feel for those who have passed, is endlessly important, enriching, and to me as an artist–compelling.

All this love, and ruminating, led me to the concept of Heritage Films.


Heritage Films

Heritage Films


I want to create keepsakes of your family members, living and passed, for your family to treasure.


How Heritage Films Work:

  1. You gather up friends and relatives who want to participate.
  2. Each participant jots down some memories, family stories, recipes, songs, sayings, or wisdom they would like to share. There are two approaches here– either we are commemorating someone who is no longer with us, or we are preserving the wisdom and tales of someone who is. Each approach requires a slightly different preparation and mindset.
  3. Participants gather some old heirlooms, memorabilia, family artifacts, anything that is a physical representation of the person, people, or family we are making a film about.
  4. We collect a stack of old photos that correspond to our subject (individual, or family, living or not) and get the photos labeled and identified.
  5. We collect as many old videos, cell phone videos, home movies (in a now digital format for our use) as possible.
  6. We set up an interview or series of interviews to film and you (or your family/friends/neighbors) tells the magical story of your relative, or their own great tales and wisdom for future generations.
  7. I edit all these amazing pieces into a Heritage Film for you to enjoy for generations to come.


How to Get Heritage Films for your Family!

Head on over to the Contact page! Fill out the inquiry form note that you are interested in Heritage Films!