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 The day of my grandparent’s wedding they didn’t just start a marriage, they started a legacy of their love.

A beautiful legacy that existed between two special people on this earth. They began actively showing those around them how two people can live together and truly cherish each other.

A display that their children, their grandchildren and their great grandchildren could watch and learn from. They set a high standard of kindness, respect, admiration, gentleness, reverence, and love for one another.

They created and tended a story that will be passed forward for many generations. Gardenhouse Films is a tribute to that legacy and to all that came before me; the generations of lovers and creators that fuel both my nature and my nurture.

My grandmother created many things, she had many mediums. It took me 18 years but when I found filmmaking, I knew I had finally found my home. It is an honor to be at your wedding, to get to know you, to hear your love story, and to walk across this threshold with you ensuring that you can relive this moment many times over into the future. This is not just a job to me, this is a calling, a passion, work that I am so grateful to be able to do, work that fills me with a sense of continuity, completion, and fulfillment.

Welcome to Gardenhouse Films. Get comfortable, grab a tissue, and enjoy some of my favorite wedding films. I invite you to experience love and beauty through my lens. And if these films resonate with you, I hope that we may someday get to work together.


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